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revolution through evolution
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an experiment in understanding

This group is intended to act as a forum for those who are aware that global consciousness must emerge on a grand scale very soon. A sense of urgency is apparent in this attitude, but hopefully not fear. For being afraid of the future will not leave a desirable impact on it. This group was not created by a person who presumes to have a solution or even a solid plan of action. Rather, it was conceived in the desire to attract people who may feel just as uncertain about what can be done and how they can be a part of it. Topics can be raised and opinions exchanged. Minds may be opened to ideas previously overlooked or unheard of.

People of all areas of thinking are encouraged to contribute. Offer anything you feel reflects your way of viewing the world, be it from a religious standpoint, philosophical, scientific, poetic, artistic, even skeptical. All is welcome, all is relevant... even those who wish to be negative. While it doesn't seem to have a proper or useful place in the discussions which are desired to exist in this group, the hope is that members will be willing to discuss the reasons why they feel the need to spout hatred or prejudice. Also it is the forum's hope that non-hostile members will make an effort to understand the nature of any negativity that may arise, as the goal here is to understand all aspects of mankind.

Therefore, as a general rule of thumb, no topic is off limits, however, all are encouraged to stick to the topic at hand, namely transcending through understanding. Such a topic is very loose, and can take a myriad of forms. Hence, what it really boils down to is what's on YOUR mind? Is it human rights? Animal rights? The environment? A wonderful book you just read? A movie that inspired you? A beautiful thought you were pondering all day and just had to tell someone? It's all fair game. If you wish to be understood and understand others, then come share your mind here. Let's all see what this can evolve into... NAMASTE!